Honda CB150R ExMotion

Check out my new ride! The Honda CB150R ExMotion.

The COE price was down to $3951 when I purchased this and about a week later when my new bike was ready for collection – the COE dropped further to $2509. Damnit!

What is COE?

The Certificate of Entitlement or COE is the quota licence received from a successful winning bid in an open bid uniform price auction which grants the legal right of the holder to register, own and use a vehicle in Singapore for a period of 10 years. When demand is high, the cost of a COE can exceed the value of the vehicle itself.

This is the Honda CBF150 which I rode for about 2 years. It was first registered in 2007 and I bought it off the second-hand market after getting my Class 2B license in 2016. It was a fine ride that got me to 999999KM without any mechanical problems.

COE was not renewable and the clock was ticking for the CBF150. It was time to look for a new motorcycle.

Achievement unlocked. Odometer maxed out! Some have asked me what happens once it hits 999999? Well, you just cover the bike with a black sheet and it will transform overnight. 

Since I had no problems and enjoyed riding the CBF150, getting another Honda was never an issue for me.

There were a couple of options for a new 2B motorcycle which I considered after checking the reviews, specifications and watching videos online. But after seeing the advertisement above, I was sure that the CB150R ExMotion was gonna be my new ride. 


The CB150R ExMotion comes in 4 colours: Pearl Cadet Gray, Mat Laurel Green Metallic, Millennium Red and Asteroid Black Metallic.  You can never go wrong with black.

Will post an update once I’ve clocked some mileage on my new machine. Now I’m looking online for some cleaning and maintenance tips. Honestly, never done any maintenance myself before. Do let me know if you have any recommendations for cleaning, oiling and shining. Ride safe everybody!