May The Rock Be With You!

What’s that one song that changed your life?

Don’t you love that feeling when you hear something for the first time and it gives you the chills? It’s so good and you need more of that so you end up buying every damn song that was ever recorded by the artist online.

Sometimes only that one song is good, sometimes the entire album is great, and sometimes the band so amazing that it sparks something off inside you that changes your life forever.

I used to have a music blog where I posted articles and stories of these legendary bands. Thanks to Bluehost, all that is gone now. So instead of recreating the music blog, I’ve decided to just start off by having a small music section over here. I’m gonna start by sharing some of my favourite songs over the years. CLICK HERE NOW!

Yes, I know I could just create and upload a Spotify playlist but that would just take too little of my time and I must overdo. I need to have the best music section ever. 

Kids these days with Spotify and YouTube will never understand what people in the 90’s or earlier went through to find music we actually liked. 

We had MTV and radio but that was mostly mainstream music that they wanted everyone to like. You had to stay up really late to hear the good stuff. There was a time when MTV only played music and it was fantastic! 

Well, now you know what has kept me going and I’m sure there’s still a ton of good music out there that I’ve not heard of yet. So, if you know something that I must listen to, please waste no time and tell me already!! 

Good music must be shared. May the Rock be with You!